Executive Board


President: Deepthi Varghese
E-mail: gsspresident@uconn.edu
Department: Chemistry
Vice President: Vignesh Vasu
E-mail: vignesh.vasu@uconn.edu
Department: IMS Polymer Program

Treasurer: Justin Fang
E-mail: justin.fang@uconn.edu
Department: Biomedical Engineering


Communications Director: Ngoc Chau Vy

E-mail: gsscommdir@uconn.edu
Department: IMS Polymer Program
Interests: Polymer synthesis and characterization; Lover of flowers, felines and food.

Activities Director: Alexis Ernst

E-mail: gssactivitiesdir@uconn.edu
Department: Material Science

Parliamentarian: Graham O’Toole
E-mail: graham.otoole@uconn.edu
Department: Medieval Studies Progran
Interests: Sociolinguistics, economics, Old English, Old Irish, & social stratification in the Middle Ages.
Administrative Assistant: Ross Dardani
E-mail: ross.dardani@uconn.edu
Department: Political Science
Interests: Public Law, Political Theory