Executive Board

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President: Irio Schiano

E-mail: gsspresident@uconn.edu | irio.schiano@uconn.edu
Department: Molecular and Cell Biology
Interests: Soccer, spikeball, and cooking



Vice President: Gabrielle Corso

E-mail: gssvicepresident@uconn.edu | gabrielle.corso@uconn.edu
Department: Molecular and Cellular Biology
Interests: ----




Treasurer: Deepa Shukla

E-mail: gsstreasurer@uconn.edu | Deepa.shukla@uconn.edu
Department: Materials Science
Interests: Hiking, singing, traveling, and socializing





Communications Director: Gabrielle Corso

E-mail: gsscommdir@uconn.edu | Gabrielle.corso@uconn.edu 
Department: Molecular & Cell Biology
Interests: Gardening, kayaking, and ski-touring




Activities Director: Thomas Pilnik

E-mail: gssactivitiesdir@uconn.edu | thomas.pilnik@uconn.edu
Department: Art and Art History
Interests: Art, architecture, Chloe Ting workout videos, and home improvement




Parliamentarian: Julianna Herman

E-mail: gssparliamentarian@uconn.edu | julianna.herman@ucon.edu
Department: Physiology & Neurobiology
Interests: Painting and hiking





Office Administrant: Katya Hunt