Executive Board


President: Justin Fang
E-mail: gsspresident@uconn.edu | justin.fang@uconn.edu
Department: Biomedical Engineering
Interests: Tennis, racquetball, piano, hiking/backpacking, and sci-fi books
Vice President: Erin Curry
E-mail: erin.curry@uconn.edu
Department: Physics

Treasurer: Nafis Fuad


Department: Civil and Environmental Engineering
Interests: Traveling, pingpong and board games

Communications Director: Gabrielle Corso

E-mail: gsscommdir@uconn.edu | gabrielle.corso@uconn.edu 
Department: Molecular & Cell Biology
Interests: Gardening, snowboarding, and cooking 

Activities Director: Deepa Shukla
E-mail: gssactivitiesdir@uconn.edu | deepa.shukla@uconn.edu
Department: Material Science
Interests: Hiking, Singing, Traveling and socializing
Parliamentarian: Damaris Thuita
E-mail:  damaris.thuita@uconn.edu
Department: Chemistry
Administrative Assistant: Manu Shankar