GSS Committees

For GSS External Committee members: the standardized Committee Report Form can be found here.

GSS Standing Committees

The GSS has five standing Committees: Executive Committee, Finance Committee, Policies and Procedure Committee, Student Life Committee and the Activities Committee. Each of these standing committees meets by-weekly to address issues from the Graduate Student body and ensuring the GSS’s smooth operation.

GSS Executive Committee


The Executive Committee is responsible for:

  • Recommending a budget to the Senate;
  • Preparing an agenda for Senate meetings;
  • Appointing individuals to standing committees and posts outside of the Graduate Student Senate, subject to the approval of the Senate;
  • facilitating communication among Senators and between Senators and their constituencies.

The Executive Committee has the authority to request reports from other Senate committees and appointees to outside committees or posts on their activities. The Executive Committee may appropriate expenditures as necessary between Senate meetings, subject to a three-fifths majority vote, consistent with the Finance Policies and Procedures. It may also voice its opinion on motions before the Senate and exercise jurisdictional authority over all disputes that cannot be settled at a lower level, including disputes between committees.

The Executive Committee Members are:

Position Name Department Email
President Deepthi Varghese Chemistry
Vice President Vignesh Vasu Polymer Science
Treasurer Justin Fang Biomedical Engineering
Communications Director Ngoc Chau Vy Polymer Science
Parliamentarian Graham O’Toole Medieval Studies
Activities Director Alexis Ernst Materials Science and Engineering


GSS Activities Committee

The Activities Committee is responsible for scheduling and carrying out Senate-approved events applicable to the enrichment of the UConn Graduate Student Body. The Activities Committee is also responsible for planning, scheduling, organizing and advertising of GSS-sponsored events under Senate-imposed fiscal constraints.

2017-2018 members: Alexis Ernst; Jennifer Caffyn; Stephanie Barnes; Bahareh Deljoo; Catherine Gensler


GSS Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is responsible for making primary recommendation to the Senate for approval of a budget of Senate funding. The Committee has the authority to amend all funding requests, subject to Senate guidelines and approval.

2017-2018 members: Justin Fang; Ngoc Chau Vy; Deepthi Varghese; Tithi Basu Mallik; Kevin Boyd; Bahareh Deljoo


GSS Policies and Procedures Committee

The Policies and Procedures Committee oversees and monitors the entire GSS election process, the validity of GSS membership and the credentials of Graduate Student Organizations. The Procedures Committee is responsible for reporting any possible violations to the Senate. The Policies and Procedures Committee is also responsible for delivering recommendations on disputes concerning the interpretation of the GSS Constitution and its by-laws. It is also responsible for recommending changes to the Constitution and by-laws.

2017-2018 members: Graham O’Toole; Vignesh Vasu; Ngoc Chau Vy; Anthony “Tony” Patelunas


GSS Student Life Committee

The Student Life Committee is responsible for identifying and addressing any student life issue, brought to the attention of the Senate and delegated to the Student Life Committee by the Executive Committee. The Student Life Committee is also responsible for creating and organizing projects that will be directed towards or will improve graduate student life.

2017-2018 members: Vignesh Vasu; Andrew Meguerdichian


GSS Public Relations Committee

The Public Relations Committee is tasked with the promotion of the GSS.

2017-2018 members: Ngoc Chau Vy; Ross Dardani; Andrew Meguerdichian; Cristian Gogu


GSS Graduate Community Service Award Committee

The Graduate Service Award Committee is tasked with choosing the winner of the GSS Graduate Community Service Award.

2017-2018 members: